S_V_H Ev’ry time we say goodbye image4

Ev’ry time, the notes all placed across the canvas.   This was a challenge this time to get all the notation to fit.  You find a phrase of music that has potential. Then you count notes, accidentals, slurs and ties.   Then, you divide that into the length of canvas, hopefully a canvas that is available. That is why a lot of this music is composed of multiple panels.  The available inches per note gives a good idea of the size of note that will fit.   A size is picked and then it is tested to see if  the notation will fit with space between.  Not just across, but what height of canvas will be needed becomes the decisive test:  where do all the notes fall?  Many of these works include words and they to must be worked in there proper placement, which with this canvas caused problems.  The spacing, not enough or too much left,  was not correct and the notes where entirely removed.   A number of other times multiple notes where removed because the text would not fit, which added to further progress delays.  Things are fine now, with an interesting point, that twice the entire notation was moved to different positions from the original plan.  Each work does this.  They are smart and demanding which escalates quickly, and there is nothing that can be done except find the way,  their way.

Scott Von Holzen