S_V_H Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye image5

Ev’ry time left middle section.  The circles represent 8th notes.  The white hieroglyphic lines stands for a musical tie. Interesting, there was going to be a comment about all the notation being shown in a rough draft ,  when a thought came to mind.   The notation consistently floats above the base.  There is only one canvas that comes to mind, The Very Thought of you,  where a couple of the notes are buried in the base.  Their covering up had nothing to do with what the thinking is now: that just happened.  The current thought is would it not be nice to find a technique to cover up the notes which makes them appear to move in and out of the base? It is not simple, the thought is Rothko and his floating rectangles.   The thought is, do not mess with the flow of the music;  the thought is what do you have to loose, and the thought is create something that comes from the music but does not appear as a gimmick.  The final thought is, this idea will probably take time and effort that will be more of an evolution then a break through.

Scott Von Holzen