S_V_H Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye image6

Ev’ry time we say goodbye nearing completion.  The issue with this image are the note color.  They look bright here and all most as bright in person.  Today, they where all given another coat of Cadmium Red Light, with Magenta to add definition and contrast.  The reason for the extra coat, and probably more tomorrow, is to get the red to hold.  After a few days the notes, so far, have gone to matte, dull and somewhat lifeless.  Hopefully, more layers will help put enough depth in the color.  Maybe, the problem is the Windsor & Newton water based oils.  Other options are being researched with few choices, so far.

Everyone who has been in the studio has been happily surprised by this canvas, which has been a surprise.  This work appears to make a good first impression.   Second impressions must included, does this work balance?  Helping that balance was to move all the notation up somewhat to improve the top, bottom, balance.  The left to right balance is good till the far right where the upper area lacks interest other then the base.  The signature will help here, but is that bad or good.  The canvas is about the music but the signature is about the artist.  Interestingly the signature on a number of previous works has played the roll of balancing  and creating interest.  There is no doubt that the size and placement of the signature has been considered an important part of these works, so although the main focus is the music and it’s display, the signature should not be under estimated.  Simply put, walking into a room and seeing this canvas on the far wall,  anyone who has seen this artist works will know, no matter the work,  who the artist is. That would be confirmed by the prominent signature.  The signing has always been important to this artist, and now it is  a part of the music..

Scott Von Holzen