S_V_H Winter image1

Winter is the title of this musical piece.   Not sure there is a lot of the winter look yet, but this is the results of the first few hours of painting, after completing Ev’ry Time.  Inconsideration of Ev’ry Time we say Goodbye, personal comments about the finish of the Cole Porter classic and a final image should appear on this blog sometime soon.  For now, here is the current thought which is it just felt like the time to do away with the Rothko rectangle.  These boxes stem from this art’s beginnings and where a source of  inspiration.  It was Rothko’s works and their color combos that helped to show a way to represent music.  Still in the past, there were some canvases that did away with the rectangle that symbolized a musical stave.   The song In This Life is an example.  But, looking at this painting that is hanging in the studio, different thoughts cross the mind that question a change in direction.  The now thought is that those  Rothko boxes missing from Life, and prominent in the Birthday painting, do add visual strength, interest, and variety to the work beyond their symbolism.  Looking at the above image the main rectangle is just barley visible so the look of this image, so far, is just one big and boring abstract painting.  That will not hold.   Look forward in the next image for the change of mind that came about in a couple of sentences.

Scott Von Holzen