S_V_H Chopin Valse Op.62, No.2 image4

A Chopin Waltz.  Over the years the importance of  a strong and landscape type background has been developing. Lately the effort place on the background has increased to where it is now considered a major part of the music and not just there to add contrast, or interest to the notation.  The background has value that almost nears that of the notation.  Sure, this art is about the depiction of the flow of a particular piece of music, that is  enhanced to a far greater degree today by the active participation of the background.

Part of that particiation of the background is to facilitate  and enhance the positioning of the notation.  That is what is seen here, but what was discovered last night was that the spacing math was wrong from the start of this work.  That was corrected and the thought was to let the correction stand with the previous effort and not to paint over the mistake.  An error was made, and things have been now adjusted. This work is finally going to move forward tonight with a better balance, and strangely, a small added interest.

Scott Von Holzen