S_V_H Chopin Valse Op.64,No.2 image5

A Chopin Waltz 36 inches by 8 feet.  There was concerned that the flow of this notation would leave large areas of the canvas empty, which has not happen.  The most interesting part of this drawing is the upper lines of the musical tie although they are questionable today.  Also of concern is that the circles for the notes would have been a better balance if larger.

The musical tie took up much of the time last night because it is frustrating and demanding (expected ) to find ways to give a simple curve of a musical line personality.  The hope it is not been over done.  How the use of color is handled will decide if  this tie actually ties this work together.  There will be efforts focused on strengthening the notation heads with the use of color to compensate of their size.

There have been a number of personnel issues that have taken the attention away from the art.  Life has the option to interfere at will with the art, and lately it has.  This is part of the test of endurance and belief in oneself.  Still enduring and believing are not enough,  the talent and the vision must be there to have a chance.   More work needs to be done, and the chill of January and now February in Wisconsin is having its effect. Momentum lost will be found in the music.  Maybe not tonight, but it has been there in the past and there is no doubt that it is still there.  The art and the there…….. the quest … There is the Art.

Scott Von Holzen