S_V_H Chopin Waltz Op.64,No.2 image6

Chopin Valse three feet by 8 feet in length.  That swirling pink line is the tie for this music.   Usually a tie is just a curved line, but that would be boring and that would be sheet music. This is not that, instead it is an attempt to create art from a fairly straight forward organization work sheet.  Think of these works in similar terms as the paintings of quarries by Cezanne or Van Gogh.  The personnel thought is that both of these artist did not see a quarry as the art but the contrast of shapes and colors as the art.  Here you see the same, shape and colors that display the flow of a Chopin  musical work. Simple.

Not sure that the round notation will last; for they seem too easy and predictable.   See it this way, there is Turner, and there is Rembrandt and there is what this art is today.  Tomorrow there will still be Turner and Rembrandt, as is,  but this art will be somewhere else: the slow and methodical evolution of an awakening thought. That is the unique opportunity provided to living artists.

Scott Von Holzen