S_V_H Chopin Waltz Op.64,No.2 image7

This Chopin’s Valse in C sharp minor is starting to move forward.  This painting represents the five measures just before the  theme Piùl ento,  which means slower. Which means that the music slows quickly to that very high C.

It has been a struggle to get to this simple point in this work.  Hours are spent and hours are lost, and progress is made, and progress is forgotten in the damp rag that is used to wipe away hours of effort, hours of thought, and hours of confidence. This is what art is: never ever completely confident that what is being done is just that, art.   And…. still…it is all worth it, the lost contacts with friends and family, the time away mentally from everything else, and…the forever regrets for the selfish use of free time not spent with those you care most about.  The selfishness… the forever regrets, the constant fear that there is nothing more.  The quest for the art makes it worth it.  To be a good friend and not a best friend because the art got in the way is a worthy trade.  In the end it is always about the art,  and that life’s hours are a worthy sacrifice.  In time there will be moments to celebrate……those  short moments will make it all worth it.  Life is full of short pauses and quick catches, and slippery grasps…..they are all to be enjoyed.

Scott Von Holzen