Chopin Valse Op.64, No.2 image8

A Chopin Waltz.  This three foot by eight foot canvas is finished.  There was drifting at the end.  Usually there is a battle between the art and the artist but this time the art just let go, and the artist walked away.  A final  image with greater detail will be posted to in the next few weeks.

The artist the web master and marketing person is just behind.  The painting comes first, and the blogging is put up to keep the documentation going,  and just maybe it is to let whomever out there know that the quest, the journey, the path forward, the dream, the habit, the fear, still lives on.

Not sure but this should be the end of the oval note: not enough action, enough movement, enough character, enough interest to keep on using them.  The pink tie is much loved and the use of color bands that work with the music are the best of this work.  Those two features move the art forward.   Luckily, this is still happening. Someday it will all be a big repeat, but for now there is more to come.   Even a marginally successful painting like this, at this stage in the art, can have an influence which will show on the next work.  So starts a favorite of the artist, they all are, I call your Name.

Scott Von Holzen