S_V_H I Call Your Name image2

I call your Name two feet by 6 feet canvas.   Since there are no current orders this song was chosen: it brings back memories, especially the Mamas & Pappas version.  Actually, I saw her standing there, was first chosen.  This Beatles Rock & Roll classic, has forever been a favorite, and it was the cruising through all the Beatles music in the search for Standing that Call was re-discovered as a piece of music written by John and Paul.  This then lead to another classic ballad, Stand by Me the Ben E. King music, that John Lennon covered.

Finding all this music to paint is an exception. There is the intention to put together the music and canvas for the next work, but that never seems to work.  It is hard to change the thought focus.
What happens  then, is hours, and sometimes days of frustration and anger over wasted time, before just the right music is found. The process then begins for a new canvas: are there interesting notes, will they fit on the chosen canvas, how good are the words to work with?

So, for once, we have months of work ahead with I Call your Name, I saw her Standing there, and Stand by me, all with a Beatles twist.  Strange, listening to the Beatles music up pops the desire to listen to a lot of Bruce Springsteen.  Somehow they relate, and from it all may come Thunder road.

We shall see.

Scott Von Holzen