S_V_H I Call Your Name image3

I Call your Name 2 feet by 6 foot.  This easy going classic pop rock music should be a favorite for anyone that enjoys the Beatles sound.  Of the three versions of this music that are listened to each night two feature the Beatles with one of those featuring Ringo Star with the Traveling Wilburys.  There tempo is light and up beat.  The third version by the Mamas & the Papas is quite different being, softer, less sharp, with a deeper feeling. It is just as emotional, but in the opposite direction from the Beatles version. Since both style takes on this music have appeal. this canvas is going to have a bright appearance with the easy going  reds and light magentas. The use of the darker greens and blues will counter and slow the work down and giving it much needed depth. The challenge of this canvas is the flow of the color balance, not easy since the prominent colors are opposites.  The goal is not to diminish either.  We shall see.

Scott Von Holzen