S_V_H Stand by Me image3

Stand 24inches by 6 feet.  There was some hope that more could have been done before taking this picture, but sometimes it takes time for the ideas to develop.  You see, this is not a clone of Hallelujah.  This work would not let that happen.  It is clear it does want the best from the past, but it also demands to find its own solid footing.

Building on the past is important, for this artwork comes from way inside, and is never part of any master plan or really any ideas on paper, beyond the basics.  Those current basics are fill the canvas with multiple sections of color and try to create as interesting a background as possible.  Then when the flow of the music is down, go back over the background and make the open areas even more interesting.   The flow of the notes is always from left to right with all of them being the same size and colors to keep the flow moving. Words are used if words where used in the music.  The signature is generally done in Light Red and is put in an empty area and large.

This work is slowing growing in meaning.  It will still take time to move away emotionally, from Hallelujah.  Each of these works have a strong emotional bond with the artist that lasts till it is removed the final time from the main easel.  The bond is then broken, and the spiritually relationship between the artist and his work slowly make the transition require in order to move on.

It has been interesting, when updating the website with past works these last few days, how much has been forgotten, including the names of the works.  What a surprise.  So much from the heart is put into each of these paintings, some much of the focus is concentrated that plans for starting the next, never mature. So much emotion is put into the choice of the music that is  has to be played each night.  So much is given to create the best possible artwork, that it is strange to see how quickly everything that has been done is forgotten.  Life is always about moving on.  Life is a lot about forgetting the past. Life is a fleeting remembrance.   Thanks to this blog and its real purpose, the documentation to preserve the story of this artwork, the artist survives to paint another day.

Artist note:  This is the 161 blog entry and still it appears this blog is reaching no one.  That is understandable.  This artist knowns he can do more to make things happen.  This artist also knows it is going to take time.  This artist knows….but.

Listening to Aimee Mann’s It’s Not from her album Lost in Space.  That song set the mood for this night.  Also The Stand By Me music that is best like, and played each night is by Playing For Change.

Scott Von Holzen