S_V_H Stand By Me image4

Stand By me 24inches by 6 feet, request information on the Contact page, at www.scottvonholzen.com for purchase information. An effort has been growing to search through the Art blogs looking at the many diverse representations of what is art. So far it has not been awarding.  There is some Art history, which has been good, but mostly just stuff to hang on an empty wall, that  coordinates well with the color scheme.

All Art is wall decoration, but not all wall decoration is Art.

Deciding  if the end goal is to sell, or to make a name for one self, or to change the direction of Art History, or to satisfy one’s own ego, can, at times, sum up the ambitions of this Artist. The one nagging thing that perplexes is one simple honest truth which counters everything else.  That thing is that sub conscience push, and push, and push more one’s own self to see if what has been assumed all of his life, that could be accomplish (if he just put his mind to it) actually could happen: can this person be uniquely creative?

The search for an answer, has accelerated, because now  there is a looming concern that so many years have already gone by , and still, and still, and still the personnel goal of self  creative self enlightenment (sounds good) through some art form has yet to be unfilled.  This artist is  still unfilled, and yet so many of these written words appear to be some form of continuous  motivation through reflection, that will of course change nothing, nothing.

What can change everything, is doing the Art at a level that goes beyond wall decoration, and that goes beyond hanging on these walls to hanging on those walls, in those cities.  That is the simple truth, and yet life and distraction has always gotten in the way of the dream. The realization, now, that time is short, has re-focused this Artist.  It will all come down to this quest:  Five years into this obsession can this Artist find what has forever been a nagging omission in his life?   Can the Art that flows from the music, fill the bill?  We shall see.  Only time will tell.

Scott Von Holzen