S_V_H Stand By Me image5

Stand by Me a small update.  Time to talk about this artwork, all things considered.  A token admirer said looking at Winter, I believe, that it looked Art Deco.  It was said as a dismissive statement. This person has yet to purchase any of this art, but expects to be privileged, long story.

The style of Art Deco was not an intention of this artist, thinking nothing of it until  that comment was made.  There is no doubt this artist likes the style of Art Deco,  Memphis, Art Nouveau for examples.  But, how this style came about was because it was so time consuming to  duplicate dozens of oblong shapes.  What tipped the thinking was the reality that the standard music notation had evolved from a flat oblong object.  Over artworks that oblong shape was was slowly being raised up to a high sharp angled oblong, to increase their size and impact.  The next logical step then became the circle.

The problem with the circle was that object does not have the sense of motion that the up raised notes.  Once the way to put motion into the circle was figured out the circle then began to change all other aspects of this art.  Things just happen, so if this work is a little Art Deco, or is indebted to a dozen other artist or art “isms” that is OK.  A little research is needed, so Art Deco the Definitive Guide was purchase to add to the expanding Art book collection that has been going on for forever amount of years.  Art Deco is a wide style, and some comparisons and  some benefit may come  from inside this book, but the thought is, the Art is going to go wherever it has to go to prove its worth.

Since this is a smaller painting it was a concern not to put much effort into any minute detail.  Small details are the enemy of this art.  It must be in your face from 8 feet back, for example.  If at that distance the detail is hard to discern then that time was wasted, and painted out. That is an important rule.  Now, if only that rule could be extended to Life, so much more time could be available for painting.  Not, going to happen.

Scott Von Holzen