S_V_H Stand By Me image6

Stand By Me 24 inches by 6 feet.  Evolving slowly, considering that white bottom line, a  musical tie, took over an hour to draw.  The brush is filled with Open acrylic titanium white from Golden, and the drawing just happens.  Then a wet rag wipes most of it off and the line is drawn again, again, again, and again, and again the line is wiped off.  The far left dropping swirl, actually, came early in the design.  The rest of the line resisted, and in fact there is still one smaller tie to draw in, but it was late, and there where not more ideas left, for now.

These paintings resist duplicating, and dislike even resembling, any previous work.  Looking at Hallelujah, and Chopin’s Valse, they both offered great suggestions for a slue or a tie, but Stand was not interested.  Still, Stand did learn from the past and in a simple  act of painting the line flowed, and its feelings where respected.   It is always Artist against the Art.  Sure the Art will win in the end, that is accepted and this Artist appreciates the defiance of the Art.  The Art is right. The Art is forever right.

Art takes everything and gives back the forever reason, the why we are here, now, at this moment.

Scott Von Holzen