S_V_H Stand By Me image7

Stand By Me is should be finish this week.  It is Monday night and Mondays are never easy, switching priorities, but this work is moving at a respectable pace.  Stand is starting to define itself. The beginning of its separation became obvious in the drawing of the tie and the slur. The use of Prussian Blue, after giving up on reds, and greens, just seemed to work. The lines held there own considering the original drawing was done to just get some ideas of what would stand out. That drawing has been left, as is, for a few days, just to see if only minor tweaking might be required. That might be too presumptuous.  To see the difference in styles look at the tie and slur from Hallelujah, below,then click on Stand to see the full image. Stands lines are stark, predictable and moody, while with Hallelujah the tie and slur are quit flamboyant and outgoing.  Not sure if that makes any sense, this artist never looks at any of these works trying to drop them into any categories.  They would not like that.

There was, or is, a problem with the second eighth rest, in that much of the space it needed was taken to create more space for the notes.  Not sure if Burnt Sienna is that final color for these two objects, but it appears, for sure, that the second rest is just going to be allowed to overlap.  There may be a need to add some personality to these two small objects, but for now there are no ideas.

The background may be worked to create added interest, and drama.  There will be mild surprises, as the process of letting go of this art work starts. It just might be easier then to just kick it here and there, hoping to give this painting the uniqueness it strives for.

Scott Von Holzen