S_V_H Stand By Me finalImage

Stand has come to and end, Thursday evening.  The heart is moving on, and the art seems satisfied.  The night was spent preening.   Great art requires care, understanding, and disciple. Great art knows when it is the time to let go.  All artist who are worth their brushes, know this.  If this is a great work of art, time, luck, and a good promotional story, will all certainly help. But there is no real worry, the art knowns, the art cares nothing about the fragilities of humans, or its own worth.  Art exists to make living worth just that. Art knowns that its greatest worth is in its existence.

Although Stand By Me is done it is not finished.  For some reason the eighth note, just before the word darling, a drawn line is going to be left as is.  No work is obsessed over, as far as painterly perfection, and this time it was decided to make that obvious.

Now, time to move on to one of the greatest songs of my generation, Thunder Road.  Thunder Road will challenge Hallelujah.  That is what it is telling,

Scott Von Holzen