S_V_H Thunder Road image1

Thunder “its a town full of losers. I’m pulling out of here to win.”  Hey, nice words, probably will not be a part of this work, but they speak to courage and conviction.

This work is three panel: the sides are 3 feet by four wide, with a center one foot wide by 3 foot tall. The base color are Burnt Sienna, lightened Burnt Umber, and Transparent Brown Iron Oxide, with a little Red Iron Oxide.

The browns just seemed the right colors to start with for this music.  The background can evolve considerably over the first few days, pushed by the feel and the look.  Sometimes it just an exercise  to see what a particular color can do.  It is a guess, and many times there is a shock seeing that the results differ considerably from the beginning expectation.  So it goes.

Last night it took a few hours to find the energy and the mindset to start this work.  Working through the physical and mental, fatigue of the day, was the motivation that there needed to be something put down so in the morning, just before leaving for work, it could be view, and there would be something there to actually look at.

Scott von Holzen