S_V_H It’s A Man’s World image2&3

It’s a man’s world 24 inches by 6 feet.  Above is last nights effort, and just below is the nights before, which is frightening and effected that nights sleep. By the end of that night, something had to be done to change the direction of this canvas, and that it did.

Last night there was a refocus and movement forward.

This music speaks about the relationship between a man and a woman, and what was started last night is an effort to combine feminine colors with masculine.   That will hopefully continue tonight.  But last night and this night, this artist is tired from another busy week at work, kissing peoples asses. And the weekend is shot with visiting relatives. So it goes. Then there will be a few days after with marginal focus and drive, and then finally, finally the insight will return.  It is scary being away from your art.   It is the art that holds the dream together.  All else can fail, and it will in time, but the pursuit of the art keeps the beat strong, gives purpose,  meaning, and for now keeps failure away from the door.

Just before starting Man’s World it was hoped that this work would be able to close the door on the Birthday painting. The realization tonight, is that door no longer exists, and so there is nothing to close. The feeling is just move on, and see, see, see the way through this work onto the next,  then the next, next effort to witness the surprises that will all surely present.

That is how you sharpen the focus, chase the dream, and shun failure.

Scott Von Holzen