S_V_H It’s a Man’s World image4

Man’s world 24inches by 6 feet:

Worked late into the night, well after midnight, on Friday and then spent the weekend with my Brother Roger, Myke, and family.  There was actually a small amount of talk about this art throughout these last two days, and that is appreciated.  Interestingly, for this artist, every Christmas Uncle Walt receives a Christmas card, signed and numbered, with a canvas print of that years Christmas painting.  His wife told me that she keeps them all and plans on framing them.  It is nice that they are kept.

Hopefully, those Christmas cards, sent only to those who have every purchased an artwork, and close family and a few friends, will be rare in numbers to bring value to themselves and to those smart collectors that have held on to them.  That is part of the idea, with the other to show the continuous thanks to those that have made a difference in this artist’s life, which includes those strangers that have purchased a work here and there.  It does happen, with two last year. Not ready for prime time, but primed and ready to go.

Man’s world, is less fearful.  Starting this works was scary for a few days.   Now, it appears that this canvas is spreading it wings, with a nudge. The background is not finished, but this is being posted to show the return of confidence that a long night can accomplish.

Thanks for your support

Taking another look  at Man’s World, and have decided the background is good to go.  The time just feels right to put down some music.   It is, all about the music.

Scott Von Holzen