S_V_H It’s a Man’s World image5

It is a man’s world. Most of the words from this music are powerful, except toward the end of the second verse.  The sentence is “…you know that man makes money to buy from other men.”  That line seems week, a stronger cover  line heard was “.. we all know that man makes war to fight with other man.”  That line is from a live recording and exceptional sung by a black woman, but the artist is unknown.  Even Tom Jones version of this music uses the more powerful line, “..you know that man makes money to buy the other man.”  Just changing that one word greatly improves the impact of this music and yet it’s a solid piece of music with a strong message, that is memorable and maybe ever lasting.  The hope was to fine one version song by James Brown where that line was changed, but no; so it stands as is.

The notes were all drawn in and than a day later it was realized that they where just too big.  So that work was wiped away and just over 100mm circles where drawn in.  Than the next day they still appeared large, for a 24 inch canvas, so the idea of drawing a burnt sienna ring fixed the big issue, and enhanced the look and flow of the notes.

The sketching in of the beams and the stems felt like there was an effort to imitate the Cubist style going on here.  Not sure, maybe what is being drawn are efforts from a tired artist trying to make some progress to not do what has already been done.  Some of these lines do work, and a lot will depend on which objects remain lines and which are filled in.

When this post is published it will be the 182, with the last comment over a year old.  It is understood, by the Artist, that this blog is more of a  way to maintain a personal history than a method to help break through into the Art World.  It is understood that it is important to put the work out there and see what sticks, so that is way the posts will keep coming, no matter.

One other thought is about how the music is chosen to be painted.  Most of the time it is rather random, with the decision to paint fitting the mood of the Artist.  Sometimes, it is felt only the greatest of the great music should be subject matter, but that seems restrictive and difficult to decide. Like Van Gogh  who made boring landscrapes look interesting  and expensive on canvas, so every note from a huge variety of music will eventually find its way to one of these artworks, if time permits.

Scott Von Holzen