S_V_H It’s a Man’s World image9

Man’s World a quick update.  This music contains three musical slurs.  In sheet music a slur is just a slightly curved line, above or below, a number of notes and is used in music to indicate a phrase that is to be played in a smooth flowing manner.  Of course, what you see above is this artist rendering of a slur in the style of the just passed Cy Twombly.  There is a fairly expensive book about his art in this artist library called Cy Twombly  A Monograph, but it never created much interest. It was purchased because there was something about this Twombly’s swirling cursive paintings that caught attention.  But it was found that those paintings only occupied a few pages,  and the rest of the books  imagery offered no inspiration, so it was put on the shelf and mostly forgotten.

It was the need from the start of this work to try and breakout of a small rut, with one thought being to create a greater sense of movement across the canvas. That was why the swirling slurs just caught this artist in a pleasant surprise.  If you look at previous canvases there is the movement in this direction. It was the death of Twombly, however, that made the artist remember his book and why it had been purchased.  It all happened quickly.  Those three slurs had been put off for there was no idea, anywhere to be found, to how to draw them, and then the answer just was there.  Within a few minutes they where drawn in and later touched up to even out their flow.

Sometimes this artist thinks that there cannot be much more that can be done with this theme, and then it happens, the way forward is found and a new path or direction is suddenly in front of you, with plenty of choices to be tried.  That is when Art is fun. That is when this artist realizes just why there is no need to rush a work.  The artwork will eventually suggest the way forward, and all the artist has to do is stand back and patiently listen.

Scott Von Holzen