S_V_H It’s a Man’s World final & Vivaldi

It’s a Man’s World was titled and signed on the back on July 12th.  It is hard to believe it was that many days ago, but it is summer, and things are going on.   Over all this is a good effort, with the surprises being the way the Slurs where handled and the design of the note heads.  It does seem to relate to the pass few works, but each work builds on the previous, and that will never change.  Sometimes this artist regrets that change and style evolution is slower than wished.  He knows that time is not on his side, and frustration is growing, yet step in front of step is the only way this art is going to find that mature level of artistic meaning, skill, and value that is a goal.

To relate to those thoughts, the next work started is: Vivaldi’s Lestro Armonico Op 3, Concerto No. 2, Larghetto. Surprisingly, it was on the 12th that the decision was made to do the next work.   It grows over the months the desire to do a Classical Musical piece.  The reason may have to do a lot with the emotions that drive this art.  Every time a new work is chosen, the question just before is why are you doing this music?  Of all the hundreds of thousands of pieces of music that can be painted, and with the shortness of over all time that currently is available, why chose that one.  It troubles the mind the closer to decision time.  After a few modern pieces are completed, the search for Classical music gains strength.  The increasing interest is the simple fact that for example this chosen Classical piece has already proven its ability survive being written in 1711.

Vivaldi’s music has gained popularity with this artist over the years.  Although, this artist tries to create works based on the piano, this work was written for the violin, but this music is so straight forward that getting a grasped of it was easy, once it was actually found.  This canvas is 24 inches by eleven feet in three panels.  There will be about 57 notes that will appears across this work, and the note heads will not be that large.  It should be an interesting challenge, with the color thoughts be strong reds, blues and greens, all classical in shades.  We shall see.

Scott Von Holzen