S_V_H Baby Love image1

Back from a week and a weekend away from the art and in a mental struggle to focus along comes Baby Love by the Supremes.  This was not the first choice.  With the other choices either the music was difficult to find, showed a lack of interest, or just would not have fit a six foot canvas. One constant irritant is that this artist does not stock pile music for future choices.  It took two evenings of searching through a dozen musical books to find something, anything, that would fit, look interesting, and had some musical credibility.  Baby Love being a number one hit for 4 weeks and the artist catchy phrase Let’s Kiss found in the musical line “Instead of breaking up let’s start some kissing and making up,”  sold the painting once it was confirmed that the music would fit.

As was mentioned before, a lot of times the next artwork choice just happens, so that is what has occurred again. There is this quilt of not painting the best of the music that is available.  There is this knowledge that time itself will prevent many great pieces of music to be represented by this art, which is a frustration, and leads to a lot of back and forth debate.  And yet, this artist knows that the musical choice is just the start of this art.  This artist knows that what is put down on the canvas, and the techniques used, is way more interesting then any particular notes from the music.  The foremost goal is with each work, to increase this artist understanding and skill to move ever closer to creating a great artwork.  The music is there to inspire and to be a surprise to any first time viewer.  Hopefully the art is there to not just fill wall space.

Scott von Holzen