S_V_H Baby Love image2&3

Baby Love the 1964 hit by Diana Ross and the Supremes, two foot by 6 foot canvas.  Certainly you can see this image has similarities with this years Birthday painting. What is difficult to see is the similarities between image 2 and image 3.

This art is evolving with each canvas in search of a unique style for displaying a unique theme.  A  question that bothers is what happens when you find that unique way of expressing  paint on canvas?  Here the wonder is what went on in the minds of Jackson Pollack and Mark Rothko when they new that they had found their own styles.  Pollack best drip paintings occur around 1948 to 1950, judging that from the book Jackson Pollack, that was part of a 1998-99 exhibition of his works at the Museum of Modern Art. Rothko’s style found its moments, again around 1948, and truly hit its signature look in the 1950s. Strange, paging through Mark Rothko The Works on Canvas, is that the last painting pictured, done in 1970, looks similar in style to those done in the early fifties.   So it appears that every style, even your signature style,  can either run its course quickly as with Pollack, or in the case of Rothko, be repeated and tweaked for twenty years. Just thoughts, for at this moment nothing is preventing this artist from going in any direction.  And I mean nothing.

Listening to Mozart piano Concerto No. 9.

The background is done, so tonight the music is going down.  What will be interesting, and the challenge for this artist is how to make the music stand out from the background, or not how to make the music stand out, but instead how to get it the melt with, or merge into.

Also, since Baby Love pretty much was recorded only by the Supremes, I have decided to steam the music from Pandora with stations created for the Supremes, the Animals, the Beatles, The Association, and maybe a mix of other 60s girl bands and a chunk of Motown to round thing off.  The music sets the mood for the painting.

Coldplay In My Place.

Scott Von Holzen