S_V_H Baby Love image4

Baby love with a little Hans Hoffmann thrown in that was first found in the book Abstract Expressionism by Taschen. this artist has been well aware of his importance , but not until after two days of frustration did the late style of Hans Hoffmann  became the obvious choice for this canvas.

This background is not feeling right with this music.  The music flow and that look is good, and the effort to use colors in the flow that work with the background is good, but still the fit is off.

New, updated image the evening of  September 7th.  There has been a lot of a delay with this work because there was the feeling that the background did not fit the music.  Since the chosen music Baby Love by the Supremes is a found memory, it is only that.  There was no strong emotional desire for this music, it just came available and fit, at the time that something was needed that could be used to test some techniques.  Many days later, those style trials seem quit yesterday.

September 13th Listening to Avril Lavigne  Under My Skin.  This work is strange.  The music it is based on is of marginal importance to this artist but what is importance is the testing of techniques.  This canvas has a style____

Listening to The Animals, We Gotta Get Out Of This Place.

___influenced by Hans Hoffmann, plue in the above image you can see the influence of the Artist Marta Marce  and her work from 2008 , and in a later image the addition of a small amount of Jackson Pollack is present in the two ties.

Listening to Hurt by Nine Inch Nails.   This work is about finished after three weeks.  A final image will be posted tomorrow, with discussion about it’s impact, direction, and what is up next.

Scott Von Holzen

Listening to Take Five Dave Brubeck