S_V_H Baby Love final image

Listening to Ironic by Alanis Morissette.  This is the final image of this painting titled Baby Love 24 inches by 6 feet.  The words chosen for this work because they would challenge some, maybe most, viewers.  The line from the music that they relate to is “Instead of breaking up let’s start some kissing and making up.”   Is that music not sweet and innocent, which was apart of that Time that I was raised and help formed a foundation of many of us.

Listening to We Belong by Ferry Corsten.  A lot of time was spent trying to do something different with the couple of musical ties, and that is where Jackson Pollack comes in.  The style ideas come from his painting Number 2 1949 ( A  much better image is in the book Jackson Pollack that was publish for The Museum of Modern Art and the Tate Exhibition of  1998-99). No matter, the ties are not Pollack they are at best, little inserts, to shake up the larger canvas and add interest.

Listening to Chopin Nocturne #2 In E Flat, Op. 9/2.

One thing missing from this work are the little solid circles inside the notes that give them motion.  They just did not fit with this composition, no matter how they where drawn and colored. Overall, the canvas could have been improved with some added impact on the far upper left. Although rethinking that, the  right is strong in appearance and maybe that helps to push this image across the canvas.   The coloring evolved to try and push this work more in the color scheme of the  thought of what the appearance of the musical group the Supremes might have been (TV back then was black and white).   For example a touch of that choice of coloring is seen above in that pinkest red rest (the small circle with the slanted line).

Listening to Ophelia by The Band and then Home Remedy by Adrienne Young & Little Sadie.

Time to move on to another 6 foot work.  This size is chosen again, because it is small enough to re-work it if needed.  This artist is still thinking his style still needs a lot of work and so there is this aching and need to experiment.  The basics are there, but the feeling is that things just have not been pushed hard enough.  A lot of work remains.  Looking forward to that.

Listening to Jackson Browne For A Dancer.  Nice music to end this page.

Scott Von Holzen