S_V_H More Than You Know image1

More Than you Know a torch song with the version by Sara Vaughan…..listening to Hard Headed Woman song by Elvis Presley….putting this classic into this painters Q.   All Image one’s are not to be taken seriously, they are done quickly with some thought to positioning but mostly the color theme for the music.  The purpose of Image 1 is to do something to cover the pure white of a freshly primed canvas (three extra coats over the factory prime).

Listening to The Beatles Things We Said Today.  In a Classic Mood, is the guess.   This image will disappear but unlike a lot of  previous Image ones,  it is the feeling that the range of browns will have……

Chicago  If You Leave Me Now

……staying power with this more moody music.  A three inch roller was used on this base, with the paint put on in bloches inorder to give the base this look. That method of applying paint is new to this art.  Tonight, lets see if we can push that style to see if it breaks.

Listening to Anson Funderburgh & the Rockets singing Blast Off  (upbeat Blues)

Let’s roll and spread some paint!
Nothing but the Classics tonight…..Takin’ Care Of Business Bachman-Turner OverDrive

Scott Von Holzen      ….. ending this post with Someday by Nickelback