S_V_H More Than You Know image2&3

More Than you know 24inches by 6 feet in length.  Judging from these two images done a day apart that this painting has been flipped; but not it wasn’t but this artist was surprised to see the change.  That is how art evolves.  Between image 2 and 3 is a lot of wasted paint, time, and the fear, more then once, that the work was lost.  You never know exactly why you do things, because like a lot of artists, your next move is the one that goes with  a feeling, an instinct, a guess, or the desperation to quit thinking, and put down some paint so you have something else to look at.

More’s background is close to be finished for now…..

Listening to The Temptations – Just My Imagination.

Originally, there was a desire to work more with browns, and then bring the blues in when the music was added.   Going from Burnt Sienna, to Umber,  to Van Dyke Brown, toPurple, Prussian Blue, Azurite Blue, and Ultramarine, and Cobalt Blue, and then, finally, having more fun with, light violet, a few Cyans,  Cerulean blue, and Phthalo Turquois, finally put this artwork back into focus.  Every new artwork put me on the line.  In other words, this artist feels he is only as good as the work that is currently being done.  Every work that is finished proves, at that moment only, that there was still something left to be painted.

Understand this art is very different from landscape, or portrait, or still works, all wonderful genres.  Painting a portrait is different with every sitting.  Painting a landscape is different with every view, or time of day.  Every still life is different by changing to the objects.  This musical art …

Jay-Z – The Blueprint 2: The Gift

…is more and more, in this artist view a work of Abstraction, a creation that is pulled  from imagination.   Sure, the flow of the music helps, but that is all this art starts with.  Everything you see, comes from nothing that has ever existed.  That does not mean that this art is anything special, every artist creates unique works.  Still, looking at Hallelujah, or Thunder Road, this artist knows for a moment  that there is something going on here, that something unique could be happening.  That feeling quickly fades knowing that more time and huge amount effort is needed to…..

How Far – Martina McBride

… prove this art’s Worth.  That moment, that occurs when needed,  is all that is needed to keep the brushes moving.

Scott Von Holzen  listening to Carmen McRae – Ain’t Misbehavin’