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More than you know is taking a small inspiration from  Composition 8 by Vasily Kandinsky. Listening to Sarah Vaughan – More Than You Know.  This is a small progress note.  The beams (the objects above the circles) are  interesting in design and coloring.  Using combinations of different jars of magenta, yellow, orange, and some reds, mixed for different shades, the idea is to finish them in a style that is own my this artist.

The image color is fairly accurate, accept the white areas along the edges that have a blue cast that obviously should not be there. Therefore the whole image is titled somewhat to the blue side. It is important to the viewer, although everyone’s view is different, that it is know that this artist is trying to present his paintings  accurately, considering these are simple snapshots.  This image is taken with a Canon 7D camera, ISO 100, with a single Canon 580EXII attached flash.  There are white bounce boards along the bottom of the image to help the lighting.  The Canon flash is titled straight up to bounce of the white diffused ceiling title. That is that technical update.

Listening to Sarah Vaughan – More Than You Know.  The Kandinsky beams are interesting and a color challenge.  Using combinations of different jars of magenta, yellow, orange, and some reds, mixed for different shades, this artist’s desire is to finish the beams with a look that is more his own.

Del Shannon -Runaway ’67
Book of Love – Boy
Freddie King – You’ve Got To Love Her With A Feeling

Another consideration is that this music, generally, has been sung more by women. Because of Sarah Vaughan’s version of this music the color choices, will for certain, lean more to the feminine side of the color chart.  The beams, even in this early stage, are reflecting that preference. More Than You Know is not  a moody piece, nor bouncy, so the use of colors to move this work from right to left will be (at this moment), softer, and easy on the eyes.

Wildfire – Michael Martin Murphey.  This is kind of a long, long time favorite, maybe because of the piano.

John Mayer – Gravity
Fall Out Boy – Tiffany Blews

Scott Von Holzen
(all the music listed in these posts are in this artist’s favorite music playlist, which at this moment totals 1285 songs)

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