S_V_H More Than You Know image5&6

More Than You Know 24inches by 6 feet.

More is moving along without any long pauses.  A point to be made, is that the stem over the left musical object comes directly from the beams from L’estro Armonico:

After finishing the Vivaldi work, the idea was to repeat the abstract look of the beams, when working on Baby Love; instead they looked sully and out of place for the music.  That lead to search for other ideas, ending up with the surprising choice of the Hans Hofmann style beams. Although, the beams in Baby Love  worked quite well they lacked movement. They looked pretty, and organized, but just do not add to the flow of the work. And then there is this other problem with abstracted beams. Music has organization and working with abstracted beams only worked well when they where limited to shapes resembling the fairly natural musical look of narrow rectangles.  Yes, I understand up to this point in all of the history of artist’s painting music, that the excepted style is abstraction; but this art is going a different way, and replicating sheet music has never been acceptable.

Listening to Threshold – Little For Me  & then Gina Sicilia  singing Rest Of My Days.

So, with More it because apparent some other method of painting the beams was needed and finding that Kandinsky artwork, made that happen. Now, the beams in More are not only eye catching, like in Baby Love, but they have the added look of increasing the flow of the canvas.

That moves this art away from the abstracted beams. Since the method of using abstraction in this art, has evolved from a number of other previous attempts, it was thought that this could be tried on the lone stems.  The thought was by creating  little vertical abstractions, this would add interest, and variety to this canvas.  The issue became apparent, stepping back and looking at the entire work:  that the two different shaft designs interrupted the flow. The  advantage of consistent stems is apparent in the simple straight forward look and design of those green shafts in L’Estro.

Listening to Dinah Washington – More Than You Know &  to Jaco Pastorius – Wiggle Waggle (never heard of him)

This next image, created after pausing this blog entry, is the solution to improve the flow of this work.  A thin bright green line along the side of the stems was all that was needed to reconnect this image. Listening to Tina Turner – Better Be Good To Me & James Brown – Sex Machine

Now, happy with the progress of this work, it is time to figure out what can be done with the circles. Since More Than You Know, is a fairly soft music, they will probably be painted with that thought in mind.  Except…..It never ends the way the thinking starts.

Listening to Queen – We Are The Champions and finishing this blog with It’s A Man’s Man’s World by Seal

Scott Von Holzen