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More Than You Know update while listening to Concerto Grosso in G Minor RV578  VIVALDI!   This is a quick update post to show a change in style in this art’s depiction of a musical slur.  Picture below is a standard musical slur image  (used without permission from Wikimedia):
Listening to The ‘In’ Crowd – Ramsey Lewis.      Now, in this painting, More Than You Know written in 1929 and since then sung by many of the greatest voices, the last two objects that are representing the flow of this music are

……   Jackson Browne – For A Dancer….

the example of this arts evolution.  Yes, much of the whole far right side of this canvas is being dominated by one very disjointed slur with a little Hans Hoffmann in the background to show off, and hold the slur shapes together.  You are not quit seeing a finished image yet, so look for a small tightening of the shapes and colors.  But there is no doubt, in this artist mind, that something good about the way this music and this art are ever changing and in every way coming closer together with each new work.  This is an interesting canvas, that has been has surprised.

Listening to Wild Wild West – Escape Club

Shawn Colvin – I’ll Be Back

Finishing this blog with another Jackson Browne – The Naked Ride Home.

Scott Von Holzen