S_V_H Body and Soul image2&3

Body and Soul 3 panels 30 inches by 104 inches.   These backgrounds, it would be nice to see them eventually evolve were they could stand on their own as contemporary art. The original, yes, from the beginning,  style of the backgrounds was inspired by the art Mark Rothko.  Take a look at the first painting, Mozart Piano Concerto No. 21 at the website and it is obvious, that Rothko doing his part to make this art work.  Of course, over time the desire to find a more unique background style that would better root the music evolved, in a look that floated the music across the canvas.  View the yellow and orange painting, Hey Jude or the Yellow California Dreamin‘  from 2007,  for two good examples.

Listening to Godsmack – Awake

The problem with this style that became obvious was that the music appeared to be disconnected entirely from the background. Only the use of color was holding the canvas together.   The solution was to bring back bands of colors.  You can see an example of a return to a post Rothko look, with the music High Hopes, a favorite still. This updated technique brought back the idea to use a part of sheet music which is the Staff or Stave ( a grid made up of five horizontal bands). What results on those canvases are imaginative bands of narrow rectangle shapes of many different colors,  that have no other purpose then to push the music across the canvas, to create interest,  and to unite entire work.  Those bands of colors are what you see today in Body.  From that, and onward, there still is a hope to find, one day, a way to finish these backgrounds that lets them stand alone as original works of art.

Listening to Bread – Aubrey.  Maybe this is a corny song, but for some reason, it is liked, and it felt.  Who knows, maybe there was once an Aubrey or someone, one time a long time ago, that aroused a memory of that music.  The remembered long ago lost love?  Such as it is, it lives on forever, no matter how many facts are forgotten.

I love Joe Cocker – and his wonderful You Can Leave Your Hat on from the movie 91/2 Weeks.

Bottom line is this background was resembling Hallelujah’s and it needed something to break it away, which is where those two medium magenta lines come from. But, I have seen magenta lines, like this before, so what else, if anything can be done, to push this background to somewhere else?

Chopin Etude In E, Op.10 No.3  and artwork and a most wonderful piece of music.

Hours later we have Madonna singing Jump.

Above is the 2nd edition of the final background image before applying the music.  It is now time to move on, with other changes to this background occurring till after the music has been applied. Those differences from image two where necessary to separate this artwork form the larger and strong Hallelujah background. This canvas now has its own identity.  Every work strives for that. It is time to see if the music can actually be made to fit.

Listening to This is How A Heart Breaks – Rob Thomas

Listening to Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing

Finishing this blog listening to Early Mornin’ Rain – Peter, Paul & Mary

Scott Von Holzen