S_V_H Body and Soul image4

Body and Soul 3 panels 30 inches by 8 1/2 feet.  Some of the words where dropped from this image.  One reason was that the words included the title of this work, which reflected the music, but not this art. Understand, the purpose of this art is to use musical titles as the hook.  What may not be understood, even by this blog writer, is that the music is just the starting point for what appears on these canvases.  It is the music that is the excuse to paint.  Painting gives this artist, the reason to listen for hours to a great variety of music including Sweet Jane by the Cowboy Junkies and Barbara Ann  – The Beach Boys ‘ party. Painting  music is the expression of the deep feelings of the important place that music has in our lives.

Working the the Canon 7D this image was shot without a flash, which was causing reflections in the upper middle.  Not much work was needed in Photoshop to remove the adverse local lighting, which means this camera is doing a great job with white balance, along with some modest custom settings. The left side of the larger image, appears to be darker, so maybe better bounced cards would have helped.

Listening to Get Out Of My Life Woman – Mel Brown and the Homewreckers.

The Website has just been updated, with Thunder Road and a large 1500 pixel image.  This painting hangs on the opposite wall of the easels just above Hallelujah.  The thought is that those two will remain in the studio until they get pushed out.  So far, they are holding there own.

Listening to Anfew Bird – Fiery Crash

From here,  later on tonight, the work will be with the stems and the beams.  At this moment there are no ideas what colors and shapes will be used.  The thought is to continue with the success of Heart of the matter and let the style evolve.   Sooner or later an idea will pop into view and a original look  for this canvas, will hopefully, appear after rejecting everything else.

OK…, listening to Gretchen Wilson – California Girls

Finishing this blog with Ani DiFranco – 32 Flavors

Scott Von Holzen