S_V_H The Pretender image3

The Pretender 4 panels with main panel 20 inches (51cm) by 5 feet (152 cm). The color is off with the far left lower panel, which should be more golden than orange.  I will work on the photography.  There is a lot to learn for with these odd shaped works it is more difficult to get the perspective corrected.  Matching colors is always hard, but this usually improves with the updates.  Obviously, it is important that the viewer is seeing what the artist sees, and this means being carefully, and honest, when working with these images in Photoshop.

The three panels where chosen and placed to better display the flow of this music.  Adding them actually solves a problem that has existed since this art was started: finding the right size canvas to  fit the music chosen.

There has always been a limited number of canvas sizes to chose from.  Because of that, it became the common practice to drill holes in the sides, and connect multiple canvases together with bolts, so that the music would fit.   It is only lately, starting with the Mozart work, that the idea of placing canvases on top of others, just seemed the right thing to do.  This artist has in the past enjoy the creation of a couple of sculptures, made out of wood, so this, in a small way, will satisfy that desire, for now, while opening multiple doors.  The fun is just starting.

Listening to Coldplay – Moses

This size work was also chosen to offer flexibility in design and options, and to lower the cost of painting things over, if change is required.  A smaller work does lower the invested time, and can better maintain the momentum and pace for the learning and creative process to be put to canvas.  Once, the basics of multiple canvases is understood, that includes how they are carefully mounted,  it will be back to the big boys.

The Band – Up On Cripple Creek

Next up, is do more color work with the smaller three canvases, and then draw in the rest of the music flow that they will cover.  After that, my notes will  be given a color and that will decide what color options the body of the music will have.

Laura Nyro – Blowin’Away/Wedding Bell Blues.  She was a early favorite artist of a naive third year college student, staying in his first dorm room, on a big time campus.

Scott Von Holzen