S_V_H The Pretender image4

The Pretender the music of Jackson Browne.  Why, are there not more colors.  Sure there are a lots of reds, yellows, blues greens, and some mixture of them all, but at times, they all appear, in their groups, to be much the same no matter what names they are given.  I need more colors.  It feels limited that there are only three primary colors red, yellow, and blue. I could use a forth.  Until then I have been mixing combos like Diarylide Yellow and Indian Yellow Hue, or Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold and Quinacridone Magenta, just looking for something different, that works.

Listening to Love Shack – The B-52’s

Not caring about those splotches of blue on the shafts.  When that happens, and it happens without notice, something is going to have to be done to make them work with the painting.  Everything evolves, and what looked decent at first can, like now, lose its appeal as other shapes and colors come forward. At times colors are tired, and then over painted, when they fail to work.  It is all very subjective: a quick look and the answer is clearly, yes or no.  There is rarely the feeling of that will have to do, except at the end.  When it is over, and time to move on, then good enough, is just that, good enough.

An artwork grows from nothing to something. It is that something that holds, at first all the big dreams and expectations of the artist.  And then, reality finally sets in hard after a few weeks, and the artist accepts what the painting always did know: time is not unlimited, but life is, and whatever that final something is is all that can be expected.  Time to move on.

Seal – Kiss From a Rose

There has been a lot of distractions interfering and limiting art time, this week. But out of all the interference and idea has developed to finally market this art. When this work is completed, that next new project, large in scope could change everything, and could span a couple of years.  We shall see.

Listening to Vivaldi – Opus 3 no2 in G minor -L’estro Armonico

Scott Von Holzen