S_V_H Dave Brubeck Blue Rondo á la Turk image 3

BlueRondo3Blue Rondo á La Turk, near finished, image 3   This artwork now consists of eight canvases. The eighth canvas is the 8 x 10 inch on the bottom right side, of the enlarged image.  I forgot that there were two slurs  used in this music.  You can see the second one in the upper right of the above image. The style of is this slur comes from Cy Twombly used in It’s a Man’s World.  While the added slur reminds me of the outstanding one from Hallelujah

This close up shows how my style changed while working on this work.  That happened after I watched a documentary on Gerhard Richter that shows how he applies his paint using, squeegee like, large L shaped frames.

In many of my past works I have used different sizes of pallet knives to drag the paint.  But seeing the documentary on Richter gave me a fresh approach to how I could improve my method of applying paint with a knife.  I tried this style first on the eighth canvas on Blue Rondo. I found that by taping off those parts of the canvas I did not want to change, made it easier to spread the paint in a similar style of Richter.

Using this application method I have now moved on to the Vivaldi work. Here I saw dramatically that the big difference from Richter, for me, was the use of tape. By taping, I found that I could then show a mixed of styles.  You can see this technique, better applied on the Vivaldi work, in the images below, from Blue Rondo.  I have now created my L shaped tools to replace the pallet knives. Their application advantages, and their lack of size limits, along with the taping, makes me think there is some interesting options ahead for me.


The following video I took with an iPhone.My Canon 7D  is in for repair with a power on issue. I did find the video, for some unknown issue,  impossible to edit using my Sony software, so I uploaded it as is.

I would like to present polished images and video on this blog, but the belief that this is a documentary site and not a vanity blog, gives me the leeway I need to actually keep up this effort. Even in this form this website requires hours of work for each blog entry.   I approach each of my artworks in a non compromising way each day, but that certainly does not extend to these pages. It is like I am writing on a deadline.

Scott Von Holzen