S_V_H Vivaldi’s Autumn allegro 3rd mvt. image2


Vivaldi’s Autumn Third Movement. This painting for the Four Seasons Series falls into the timeline of late fall. I do this with each Vivaldi work in that I start trying to portray the feel of the season with the music. You will notice when looking at the larger image a lot of natural fall colors, but then again you will see colors that do not seem to fit the season. That is where the ‘I start out trying’ changes to what colors I think will work with what I have so far. What you have is my fall look, for this is a musical work not a landscape, which gives me a lot of color room.

The most difficult panel in this group of panels, so far, has been the small canvas attach on the end.  My artworks read from left to right.  I keep applying colors with my home-made squeegee, and that panel, just got uglier and messier.  Finally, I scrapped off some of the layers and rubbed in some color, and called it good.  The next day I was looking out the window on the woods floor, now clearly visible,  and what I saw is what I painted on the far left panel. The end of fall just gets strained of most of its color,  and in my Vivaldi world that color it is a deep ugly.

For now that work on this artwork will have to wait. I have moved this Vivaldi off of the main easels to make room for the start of this years Christmas painting, which will be You Raise Me Up sung my Josh Groban.

Scott Von Holzen