S_V_H You Raise Me Up image1


You raise me up, laying all over the floor. This is the part where I fit the music to the canvas.


You Raise Me is six panels, and 99 inches in length, by a max height of 30 inches.  This is a requested Christmas song that I received from a prominent, and important person, that has been apart of my life for many, many years.

I think it is a great choice and brings me back to my roots of this art, with my first Christmas painting which was Joy to the World, by Three Dog Night.  You see, back then, the original idea was to produce of Christmas artwork, that celebrated the joys of this time of the year.  At that time I thought Joy to the World fit that idea, perfect.  Things changed after that first year, and I started to products artworks of real Christmas music, like Sleigh Ride, and Winter Wonderland. This years suggestion caught my totally be surprise, and as I said brought me back to my real goal, which is to produce an uplifting artwork to fit the season.  I think this choice does that well.

Here are three versions of this music. In iTunes these artists have the most popular versions, along with a group called Selah. Their best performance video, I felt was an over the top sentimental cover, that belong in a save the species  info-commercial. So, it has been left out.  I can see where this music can go in many emotional directions, and I can understand its appeal to God being the one the artist is singing to.  I see this music, and artwork not as a Jesus thing, but as song that speaks to real people making real differences in other lives. To me this music is about the meaning of friendship. 

Scott Von Holzen