S_V_H You Raise Me Up image2


You Raise Me up consists of six panels almost 100 inches in length. In this image you see that I have added the musical flow using different shades of gold paint, a common practice with the Christmas art, along with Cobalt blue.  Next up  I will be filling in more details of the music adding to each of these panels objects for added interest.

This artwork represents three major techniques that each in their own way is somewhat unique. Those three characteristics are first, the use of connected multiple panels, many arranged in multiple layers.  The second unique technique of this art is that each panel has their own appearance that is different from its connected neighbor. If separated, each panel could stand on its own, of course, greatly diminished from the connected whole. The third special characteristic of this art is the applying of the music. It is this unique depiction of a song’s musical flow, that connects all these diverse panels together, to represent a single musical artwork theme.

Also, when their has been a break with the Christmas painting I have worked on Up On The Roof. I have added an interesting look to the last panel, of this artwork, that I will post in a couple of days.

Scott Von Holzen