S_V _H Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons – Winter Allegro Mvt 3 image1

WinterAllegro3Image2 Vivaldi’s Winter Allegro consists of  eight canvases that vary from 15 by 30 inches to 36 by 48 inches in size. This is the eleventh in the series of thirteen artworks of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. Again in these images I am not capturing the look of this work. They look flat in contrast and color.  You have to see this work in person  to believe this difference. Looking at this completed background what I see is what I am living in: the chill of winter. At 17 feet in length and three feet high, standing close to this work all that is missing is the chill in the air that makes each breath feel razor-sharp.  Standing near this work it is winter, no matter the season.

Up next is putting down the musical flow.  I will using three different blues not used so far: light Blue Permanent, Light Ultramarine blue, and Brilliant Blue, and for the edges I will be using Turquoise Deep.


I thought I would put this image in this post that I took to send to a potential customer.  This is the great At Last that I painted back in May of 2010.  Hopefully, it will find a home in California.

Scott Von Holzen