S_V_H Take Five image 1


Take Five, the classic music of Dave Brubeck. I originally, painted this work early in my music career, back in 2006. I have returned to it, to offer it as a second choice for the University of Wisconsin Marathon music department.  I first offered them Blue Rondo á La Turk last year, but because of a lack of room for such a large canvas there has been this long delay.  The hope of the Professor, back then,  was that some new remodeling would open up a wall, but that did not amount to as much change as first thought, and no good spot was found for the artwork.  So, when I recently received a new contact from the Music Department, apologizing for the placement delay, he asked if it would be possible for me to drop of the painting.  The Professor would keep it in his office, to help as a stimulus to update an area to accommodate the artwork. Over this last year, I have thought about the issues of finding wall space for large artworks.  So, what I have written back to the Music Department, is a new offer which will include this new Dave Brubeck work, that is a physically smaller artwork. The Professor will have the choice of either artwork.  My thinking is that the Take Five piece will be a lot easier to find a decent open wall for the artwork to hang.  But again, that will be the Professor’s choice.

I am working on the second image of Winter Allegro, with Take Five being worked on the side easels.   Nothing special going on with Take five, so far,  for I am still trying to get a feel for these canvases. I am keeping the look of Blue Rondo in my thoughts, for I thought that I might use a lot of the colors from that work, in this partner artwork.

Scott Von Holzen