S_V _H Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons – Winter Allegro Mvt 3 image 2


Making progress on the flow of the music for this Winter Vivaldi, after fixing an error. On the far right of the artwork I have two groups of eight 32nd notes. After a lot of measuring for spacing, I drew them in and then gave them some weight using different shades of blue.  Next up I ran the tape to define the beams of these notes. I soon discovered that instead of eight notes I have only drawn in seven, on the far right canvas. Somehow all my math, in the end had been wrong.

I first thought that the easiest solution would be to add another canvas, but I have no six-inch by twenty-four inch, which would be ideal. The smallest size canvas that I have is a twelve by twenty-four inch, which would have left a lot of wasted space. I could have continued the next group of thirty-second notes, cropping at the end, which would have worked, but I dropped that idea. I already have an artwork over 17 feet in length, that was already in the way of the entrance door. The right solution then,  was to over paint the notes, which I did, and that turned out surprisingly well.

You are seeing the large amount of taping done to create the sharp edges I like for the stems of the music. As mentioned in an earlier blog entry, I changed from free hand painting of the stems to the sharp edges because I began to see the stems as a way to better represent how the music flows.  By giving them hard defined edges that just reinforce this sense of the music flowing through them as you follow across the canvas.

Scott Von Holzen