S_V_H Bach BWW 1014, Adagio image4


Bach BWV 1014 Adagio, 220 cm by 130 cm,  all on one canvas.  What you are seeing different from image 3 are the white bands, and the Azurite blue bands in the center area.  What you do not see is the three hours of work it took to get this final look of the background.  Originally, I had two large bands of blue.  I then tried an old technique, by using a wall paper, or plaster brush with short bristles, that I pull across the Azurite.  I did dark lines of Prussian, and then later I added white bands to counter the darkness of the two wide blue bands.  I stared at the results, and finally decided, that the big blue bands were too much.  Now, the background is better balanced, pushed back towards the lighter look, the preferred look, and is ready for the music.

Tonight and tomorrow, I will be putting the music in place, to see that it fits and then I believe I will be filling them in and shading them.  Next up will be the shafts, and the beams, of the music.

We will quickly see how it goes.

Scott Von Holzen