S_V_H Bach BWW 1014, Adagio image5


Bach Sonata BWV 1014 Adagio, with this image showing the musical flow.  I really like this stage of this artwork. You have the painted background and just above it you have the music floating across the canvas.  In the beginnings the music flow resembled musical notes.  I quickly began to elevate my  notes, giving them more stature and a greater dramatic look.  The problem with that look, even when they where almost  vertically, was that they still resembled  sheet music notes.  That changed when I moved to the circle.  Now, that I have shaded these circles, I have noticed a new sensation.  I see the music flow, but I am also seeing much more: I look at the music as it flows across the background, and what I now see are little moons.  It is almost spiritual, looking at the musical flow and seeing something else totally different form music, but still bound to it.  I am not sure where this comes from, beyond the fact that as a boy I followed the space race with Russia, and knew all the names of the planets that revolved around the sun.

Well enough with the space race, and the mystical, it is time to give the music a little body and soul.  that is up next.

Scott Von Holzen

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