S_V_H Bach BWW 1014, Adagio image7


This is image 6


This is the current image, image 7

Bach Sonata BWV 1014 Adagio.  As can be seen this artwork is coming together.  The background is becoming what it is, and the music is beginning to shine above. I can create movement with the shafts, especially with the use of darker colors. This contrast with the notes and the background creates a dramatic vertical movement to the music. 

The colors for the shafts where fairly easy to decide:  I wanted a darker color with some contrast added.  The easy choice was an old favorite Phthalo Blue Red shade.  The beams where more difficult. I tried using a Red Magenta, and then spreading white across, followed up with a violet-blue.  Not good enough.  I removed the paint and played with a couple of other ideas, before deciding to stay in the reds for color.  The only decent contrasting Red was Cadmium Orange? I spread it heavy over the Pyrrole Red, and after it was dry, it looked good.  Good enough to leave it alone.

Next up, what will put this work over-the-top, are the Ties.  Does that not sound exciting?  It will be, once you see my Ties.

Scott Von Holzen