S_V_H Take Five image2


Dave Brubeck Take Five consists of six canvases  about eighty inches in length by twenty-four inches high. What you are seeing is the finished background.  Next up I will be drawing in the music.

Here is the popular record version of Take Five, which of course,  is still my favorite version.  You can hear the music that I will be portraying starting at the 1:42 and ending at 1:50.  It is a lot of work for 8 seconds of Jazz. It is here where you get that surprising strong saxophone up and down sharp sound,  that adds such an emphasis to this back-en-forth characteristic, of this music. In this version, I must say, I was first attracted to the drum part in the middle of the song, where you hear the  sharp bangs of the snare drum (my guess)  quickly followed with a hard slap to the bass drum.  I am so lucky to have this opportunity to produce this artwork, for it does not get better than Take Five

I am donating this artwork to the University of Wisconsin Marathon Campus Music Department, and to my Professor of Music who, when quite young, got hooked on jazz listening to the vinyl version of Take Five.

Scott Von Holzen