S_V_H Take Five image3


Take Five painting looks different physically from the last image, because I had to make big changes.  When I first mapped out this painting, I stopped at a low note, that I thought would work. That was back in December, and only a couple of days ago did  I realized an error.   I used the original mapping of this music to build the artwork.  I only discovered the mistake after I had already posted a second image of this work. The error was  that the music had come up longer than my artwork.

When I re-check my work I saw that I stop the painting short, and had left out the end of the musical phrase that I wanted to portray.  I had to add more which meant I had to draw it over.  I made my music smaller but that was not enough. Finally, I had to add three 5 inch by 5 inches canvases to place all the music.  Even though I had to completely rearrange the music it still work with the canvases.  Now with image three, I feel better for it is displaying the complete phrase of Take Five, that I wanted to depict.  The challenge to make the existing artwork work with the new music,  was an interesting problem that I solved, and it certainly added interest to this painting.

Next up, I am taking a break from Take Five to work on a commissioned project for the University of NorthEastern Missouri. The canvas is all together, so I expect some paint to go down tonight.

Scott Von Holzen