S_V_H Wings of Victory final image

wingsOfVictory_finalWings of Victory final image. All through this art project I was uneasy about the direction I knew I had to go. I needed to stay the course to satisfy my own expectations, and hopefully those of Northwestern Missouri State University.  I even struggle with the signature.  This is a green painting, and my signature is a special red. I could not place it to the far right bottom, always my first choice.  Putting it here or there, up or down, left and right, just did not seem to work. Eventually, I put it on the far right of the first far right canvas where it would fit.  I tried to finished the night before with the signature, but each time I drew it in, I erred and had to wash it off.  I was not sure this was the right place, or that the signature was the right size, so I gave up that night.  On Monday late afternoon, I took my brush and signed the work in the same spot as the night before.  The signature was the right size and the right shape.  I filled in the color and that was it.  I stood back and looked at the work and at that moment I realized that adding that signature was all this work needed.  Those three red letters brought the entire work into perspective and finally I have a satisfying feeling with this effort, and this artwork.

Wings of Victory was an interesting challenge, with me working almost exclusively with a color that I use everywhere on everything, but still not one of my favorites. I live in the blues. With all the problems  and repetitive frustrations over not being totally convinced that I had found just the right shade of green, this artwork still became a finished piece. The world is full of unfilled promises, goals, aspirations, dreams, that in the end would not fill a 3 and 1/2 inch floppy disk.  This work cost be a terabyte, but it was worth it.


Scott Von Holzen