S_V_H Bach BWV 1065 & BWV 1014 Update


The Grand Bach Hotel in Kyoto Japan.  These are two photos sent to me by my one contact in Japan, Asako Takigawa.




Here is a new image from the newly updated website of the Grand Bach Hotel in Kyoto Japan.  And yes, that is my painting.  I would never have thought back in 2006, when I started this journey to portray music, that I would  paint not one but two Bach’s paintings both where meant for this grand hotel.  Only one made it to Japan.  The second painting BWV 1065 is what you see.


The first artwork, BWV 1014 hangs today tacked to the wall in my studio.  Eventually, it I will have to frame it for sale. For now, I like it just where it is, close to me.   Scott Von Holzen